Saturday, July 23, 2011

$1 million bond for cutting her husband penis off

Updates on the" Peter Whacker"
Catherine Kieu Becker the Southern California woman accused of cutting off her husband's penis and throwing it into a garbage disposal, was continued Friday to September 23 at the request of her public defender.
Orange County Superior Court Judge Debra Carrillo also set bail at $1 million for Becker, 48, who had been held without bail since her arrest this month. She is charged with torture and aggravated mayhem. Though she speaks English, a translator spoke to her in Vietnamese during the court proceedings. Her husband underwent emergency surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center, authorities said. He has since returned home.

$1 million dollars! Dang... I know she wish she would have just threw some hot grease on his ass. Hahaha Men every where mad as hell. They like is this bitch crazy the last thing we need is women thinking they can cut their dicks off. Hell u could shoot and kill three MF and not have a  $1 million bond. Sh%t Tot Mom (Casey Anthony) killed her 2 yr old daughter "I think" and didn't have a $1 million bond. Then they bring a translator in. Like we gone make you know why you're here. LOL Her husband bless his heart is now at home SMH poor man his life ain't never gone be the same...Damn!. "Who you calling a bitch"  "See now, now I got to cut cha"  hahaha
  Yall be good and don't cut nobody.... I'm out..

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  1. All is can say is this bitch rite here is crazy