Friday, July 22, 2011

Can someone turn the heat down

Photo by: AP Associated Press
Deadly heat all across the US has people running for water. Meteorologist say they don't see a break in the heat no time soon. From the Midwest to the East Coast  temperatures are in the double digits. It's 104 in Boston! Damn,  Boston... Really 104 in the Northeast!
     Here in the Kansas City, MO the good old Midwest it's said to be mostly sunny today. Very hot! Heat index near 105F. High near 100F. OMG! I knew it was hot cause I just saw the Devil standing on the bus stop with aw popsicle trying to stay cool. SMH  So in other words stay yo ass in the house! Lol Or deep down in a "Ice Cold Pool" Damn that sound good just saying it.


  1. Lmao Not That You Said You Saw The Devil At The Bustop With A Popsicle Tryna Cool Down Lol It Is pretty Hot Thou

  2. its hella hot but it aint that hot lol