Friday, July 22, 2011

Florida taxpayers get legal bill for Casey Anthony not guilty verdict

Casey Anthony's defense team has billed the state of Florida over $147,000. It has been reported that the state has already paid $118,847.75 of that bill and refused to pay $12,000 of other cost the defense has tallied up. Note: None of the money paid by the state of Florida will pay any of the defense attorneys' salaries. "Are you for real"

Ok, Ok  So on top of Tot Mom getting away with murder. Taxpayers get the bill for her freedom. WTF!. Damn like what isn’t the taxpayer paying for now of days.  I kind of understood the banks and hey I’ll even go for the auto industry. But as Nancy Grace would say  “Tot Mom!” Naw, I gotta a problem with that!. First of all I was forced to see her on TV everyday for about 3 months straight. I just knew she was going to jail so I kinda felt like they was wasting my time having to hear about the case everyday. . I mean face it…. who reports their 2-year-old daughter missing 30 days later. Lie about where she’s at. Only for the  police to find her dead with duck tape over her mouth. And now Florida taxpayers have to foot the bill for her not guilty verdict!  Bullshit!  “Only in America folks”
 “Only in America folks”


  1. Casey Anthony Needs 2 Be In Jail

  2. This Mess Is Crazy Casey Anthony Deserves 2 Be Locked Up Its Sad Because If She Was A Tad Bit DARKER She Would Be In Prison Or Death Row Smh America

  3. Tarai Itzmedamit JacksonJuly 22, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    She needs her ass kicked is what she need. Put her child murdering ass in da hood for 2weeks......All she gone be able to say is Hustle-n-Flow......Whoop that trick....Whoop that trick

  4. I really wonder where is this bitch is going to live