Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Tami on Basketball Wives? Don't go Tami!!!!!!!!

Tami Roman Gives 'Wives' Producers An Ultimatum

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Tami Roman Says if Meeka Doesn't Leave 'Wives' She Will
The drama continues. After their big fight aired in last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives”, Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton have been in a war of words in the media. Now Tami is throwing what may be the final blow by telling that if Meeka returns to the show, she will not.

Here’s a quick recap: On Monday night’s episode Tami punched Meeka in the face during their Italian ladies getaway. After the episode aired, news broke that Meeka filed a lawsuit against Tami for assault. The pair exchanged subtle blows back and forth through Twitter and interviews throughout the week, going back and forth over who’s truly to blame for their unladylike altercation. Tami claims she was merely defending herself against Meeka and her law suit has zero merit.

Either way, Tami’s feed up with Meeka and all the drama. She has promised to go to anger management next season if she’s on the show, but fans won’t get a chance to see Tami clean up her act if Meeka’s still around.

"I will NOT work with someone who is suing me, when they know what this situation is all about,” Tami tells “I want to be clear, if she returns in any way, form or fashion I do not plan on participating."

Uh-oh. Tami has one of the larger fan bases among the ladies on the show, while Meeka is still a fairly new cast member with less popularity. Both have made nonstop headlines since the fight aired. This will likely be a very tough decision for the show’s producers to make. We wonder what Shaunie O’Neal, the show’s creator and producer, will have to say about this one since she’s and Tami are also very close friends.

Oh damn please don't go Tami!!!  Meeka should take her beat down like a lady. She so had it coming. Now she came on the show jeffin with Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen thinking she could talk shit and talk about Tami behind her back to Evelyn. Bitch they don't like you! I guess she thought cause Evelyn was beefin with Tami she can talk shit. News Flash!  They are friends and Evelyn needed to get Tami off her ass. I really hope Tami don't leave and if she do. 

Girl get yo on show and meet up with the wives so you can punk Meeka. Cause Tami she is a certified "Punk Rock Ass Bitch" Now put the that on a shirt! One and I'm out

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  1. Meeka is a Bitch! I wanted to punch her.