Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gunman screams 'I'm going to kill you all'

The CNN Wire Staff reports a shooting on Norway's Utoya Island where a man kills 80 people. Survivor Adrian Pracon was able to give police the clearest detail of the shooting attack at the ruling Labour Party's youth camp. The attack came shortly after an explosion killed seven others in Oslo, Norway.
"Me and two others were laying down and survived because of the bodies we could hang on to and pretend that we are dead," "I could feel his breath," "I could hear his boots."  said Adrian Pracon.
Norwegian television and newspaper reports have identified the suspect in the attacks as 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik. There were 700 teens and young adults attending the camp gathered in a large meeting room where camp organizers were sharing information about the bombing in Olso when the police officer asked if he could address the group, Adrian said."We, of course, allowed him to come" in and address the group.  It was then, the man started shooting. Adrian says, everyone panic and as the chaos went on some campers ran from the shooter, while others went towards the man because they believed it was a drill or a test. The man (Anders Behring Breivik) told campers he was there to carry out a security check

Damn what is the world coming to. This nut went to a kids camp and just open fire on them like F*%K it "Say hello to my little friend". Now this is what kills me this fool yelled out "I'm going to kill you all". Now see that would have been my cue "Bitch Run" Reports say the man left then came back an hour later and began to shoot everyone there. SMMFH... I'm not even going to comment on that last statement. But moving on, man you gotta be careful out there. Because from the looks of it he was acting as a Police Officer so you just never know.

 Maybe the next time I get stop by the cops Ima be like how I know you a "REAL" cop, cause you know that man that killed them 80 people said he was a cop. LOL....  Naw I'm just playing I f&%k about and get a "REAL" ticket and he take my ass to the "REAL" jail. Hahaha

But on the real people my prayers out to the families that loss love ones. You never know people, so live life like it's golden. And I'm out

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  1. People are just crazy! Oh and Ms. Know it all Real jail lol now that was funny...